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Where None Have Yet Traveled by Fesbraa
by Fesbraa

Its a really good piece of work. But, not-as-usual, I feel the need to point some things I would have loved to see. This is a COMPLETEL...

Old Sith by Fesbraa
by Fesbraa

This piece of work reminds me of Caravaggio in some specific matters, it is about the way it makes "black" a living entity, the "fleshi...

EoA 003 by Fesbraa
by Fesbraa

Im not a great comic-reader or neither a graph-designer. Im not english spoken either. So ill try to explain with a lack of comic-techn...


Daedolon (Hexen Mage) by ULTRAZEALOt
Daedolon (Hexen Mage)
My favortie character from my favorite game ever.
Daedolon, the arcane mage from Hexen

I could have added some flechetes and his staff.. but you dont need a freakng staff or flechettes when you can make fuckers explode with "The Arc of Death" spell.
Its just such a shame there won't be any more Hexens. I love it, deeply.
Hexen Title Screen by ULTRAZEALOt
Hexen Title Screen
About 6 years ago i started re-drawing the Title Screen for Hexen, and Ive just found the original psd while cleaning an old HDD
As far as i remember I shared this on an hexen-mod forum where they were working on a high res pack.
This is clearly not high res, LOL. And I've lost track of the forum too. :\

But anyway,  Im just uploading this shit for posterity. :D
May be I should try and upgrade this into a "personal" version... Ill see if I have the time.
Its a really good piece of work.
But, not-as-usual, I feel the need to point some things I would have loved to see. This is a COMPLETELY PERSONAL CRITIQUE. Its all about what I would have loved to see and feel.

The face.
Reading and watching your process, for me it was all about an uknown space inteligent being/astronaut, pictured while founding something really really unkown in a absolutely uknown world. Then, I felt the need to watch and feel the fucking deep feeling in the unknown astronaut. I needed to feel his vomit of emotions, if he has any.

His/her face is clearly shown as a question asked to someone else outside the frame; questions like "Wtf is this", "ist this all we were looking for?".

I feel what this piece needs, is a giant penis. It needs the drama moment braking as a SciFi scene. The astronaut is at an incredible unknown world (when I saw"floating polygons" alternative in your process, I came).. and here, he finds this... thing.. being? the thing spreads light, and its alive.. the astrounaut is impressed, he is watching, hearing, and feeling something completely new, and unknown.. he fucking travels universe and now finds something completely .. new to him. Whoever he is, no matter his exerience, something happens to him, something has to happen.

His face.. in your previous sketches, when he was watching the orb directly, it was 'fine'. He was looking far beyond the point of the light orb, thiking about something, there was self-questioning, memories, or something else, it was his own time. But now, in a really interesting scene, he just stares at us. Is this bad? Is this good? Was he looking for this? Was He not? There's something your work wants to tell us, but his face is not telling anything but nothing. I may put a Munch-Scream face, and I would feel and understand. Make him cry and I would feel that there's something about the tiny octopus, that is important. I dont want to know "why" is this important, but I do would love to see "how" this importance affects the astronaut.. that's the whole picture this work needed to comunitacte.

The more I write, the most I like it. Thats freaking good, indeed. But still, I could have fapped to an epic SciFi moment. But not, yet.

Oh! and the shiny tiny octopus, it is not reaaly like the sky to me. This sky (lovely) is fragmented into streams. Its fragmented into different blues, they all move together, but they're not a whole. But the tiny thing, its rounded as a whole. and its curvy, it has clear boundaries, not as the sky composition.

Anyway, again, its all personal. Maybe too much.
Fuck this is such a great work. Thanks.
Veigar - Striking terror in the heart of others by ULTRAZEALOt
Veigar - Striking terror in the heart of others
I can see the fear in your heart

My version of the League of Legends champion, Veigar.
The lore says : " Every now and again, however, a yordle turns so bad that even at its small stature it strikes terror into the hearts of others."
Actual (original) Veigar strikes no terror at all.
His face is not black, its masked, there is no face, there is no color,  suffering awaits.


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Me and the others.

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OlogizeIt Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2013
Hey, not sure if this interests you but Ology (a content-based social network) is running a skin concept contest and your work is exactly what we're looking for! Sorry if this sounds spammy (I promise a real person is posting this, not a bot), but if you're interested, details can be found here (and good luck!): [link]
ULTRAZEALOt Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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ill check it and see if i join :3
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Thx for your love for my skin idea.
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Thank you for commenting ;) Youre find your adoration in StarCraft? :P Nice Works anyway
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